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With its superior image quality, touch enabled screen, intuitive user interface, and fast boot-up time, the TE7 supports rapid and confident evaluation of medical conditions at the bedside. Intuitive gesture controls and focused emergency and critical care exams minimize the user learning curve, with no need to navigate a knob cluttered keyboard. Simply select a focused exam preset and relevant functions become accessible on the top level screen. The seamless touchscreen is responsive even with gloves and gel, and is easily cleaned during an exam with a screen locking feature. A rich application suite and an ergonomic profile make TE7 an excellent choice to meet the required versatility and demands of the fast-paced point-of-care environment.


  • Touch enabled user interface for intuitive navigation

  • Simplified workflow with focused POC exams

  • Frequently used functions on top level screens for rapid assessments

  • Fingertip control of imaging modes, measurements, and operating panel

  • 15" high resolution, anti-glare touchscreen

  • Superior image quality

  • iTouch™ auto image optimization

  •  iNeedle™ optimal needle visualization

  • Targeted exam presets, such as EM ABD and EM FAST

  • Q-path included

  • Full suite of transducers, including TEE

  • Boot-up in less than 25 seconds

  • Wall mount or ergonomic cart

  • 3 active transducer ports

  • Built-in 2+ hour battery




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