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PACS software becomes increasingly important in medical imaging as the volume of digital medical images continues to grow. Modern imaging facilities need to store hundreds of dozens of images and have the ability to efficiently link them with patient information for management and billing purposes.

We system is an all-in-one cloud-based solution integrating a PACS with a built-in appointment scheduler, electronic medical records, and a billing system.

The system provides fast digital access to the images which improves patient information safety and saves both the healthcare facility and patients time and money since it automates your entire everyday workflow at no additional cost. 

The DICOM files are secured in an off-site cloud location in the US with 99.999% availability, so no additional hardware maintenance cost is required. The images are easily downloaded and shared in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.

We find it very significant that when digital ultrasound and X-ray studies are uploaded to the PACS quickly and are available within minutes for reading by qualified radiologists in a web browser from any location. 



With Advanced Imaging’s partner interpreting physician group, you can access our wide network of radiologists and cardiologists in a unique platform designed to save time, money, and decrease errors. Work with a multitude of interpreting physicians at exclusive low rates, speedy turn-around times, all within a HIPAA compliant, online portal.

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